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Thank You Help For Musicians UK

Updated: Mar 30

Hey it's Anna and I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Help For Musicians UK for funding both vocal training and vocal rehabilitation! I've had a couple of issues with vocal health over the past year (hence why I have resorted to playing a kazoo - as it helps with this!)

I can now work with the incredible Pippa Anderson who is an insanely talented and passionate mentor for all things voice and vocal health.

Also thanks to voice expert Chris Johnson who has organised to do some sessions with me, funded by the Transmission fund. Once again, thanks HMUK for granting me this as well.

Chris is a well-respected vocal coach and co-founder of the amazing blog The Naked Vocalist. +

I'm so happy to have not just one but two opportunities funded! It literally means the world, and I'm confident that I'll be growing as a vocalist as a result. I feel like loads of singers aren't all that open about their journey as a vocalist and performer, but who cares I'm just gonna be to-the-point about it!

A singer isn't something I used to really think of myself as until the past year. I've grown to really LOVE singing, thanks first and foremost to my first ever vocal coach (with whom I hope to have many more sessions in future!) - Pippa.

And of course I'm really looking forward to working with Chris too! So lucky :)

Lots of love and thanks to Pippa, Chris and HMUK!

Anna x

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