Single Release: Video Games

Updated: Feb 21

Anna and Alfie have always written their Moodbay songs about the things that inspire them.  Their track Alone came from seeing a mystery figure walking on a motorway in a rainstorm. Listen Up and Ghost were studies, each in their own unique way, of communication issues in troubled relationships. 

With the world shut down, life for Anna and Alfie changed radically, and they suddenly felt adrift. No hanging out with friends and extended family. No more gigs!

Yet this exceptional situation proved that every cloud does have a silver lining; instead of moping round the house, Anna soon started work on what may be the catchiest Moodbay verse she’s come up with so far:

I’m staying home and all my friends are too It’s not what I’m used to but we’ll see it through  And I’m thinking of ways I can stay sane Got a stash of my favourite video games The phrase ‘Video Games’ excited recovering/recidivist gamer Alfie, who started cooking up some beats that incorporated real sounds from carefully chosen retro games. And suddenly the Moodbay magic kicked in.

We hope you like it, it's a fun bonus track we did during lockdown! Thank you BBC Introducing Tees for supporting it.

Stream 'Video Games' on all major digital platforms here:

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