October Roundup: autumn leaves, aliens & apple sourz

Updated: Feb 21

Hey, Anna here speaking on behalf of us both. I just wanna say: Aahh autumn leaves I feel like a kid again walking through the colours on the floor, how romantic X This month has been killer. We've driven round the north-east gigging at some so many great venues.

W H A T . W E ' V E . B E E N . U P . T O

Oct. 12th: We played at Independent for Sunderland Oxjam Festival

Our first time playing in Sunderland & we had a blast. Cheers to Stephen Ferrell who organises it cos he's an awesome guy who WHOLEHEARTEDLY supports bands and artists!

Oct. 13th: EMOM in Leeds was a DAY TO REMEMBER

This time, we travelled a little further afield because what we were going to is always special. Martin Christie founded EMOM (Electronic Open Mic Movement) back in Manchester in 2017. Anna was there for it, and then took Alfie along another time to play one of the first Moodbay gigs. Every EMOM event is FULL OF THE FEELS, so always worth the trip. And founder Martin Christie is an incredible human being.

Anyhow, we went along and met a crazy amount of people making sounds with everything from homemade synths that look like calculators to singing bowls. It was held at Wharf Chambers, in conjunction with Boxjam Festival - what a day, as predicted! Loads of inspiring people all crammed together into one room - t'was a privilege to meet so many other artists of all genres. The place itself is stunning and we'd love to do a gig there in future.

Nattering with Stefan Pierlejewski at Wharf Chambers, Leeds

EMOM Founder Martin Christie is a whizz himself at all things electronic music - he creates otherworldly sounds, often politically charged with very poetic lyrics - listen here:

Martin Christie, EMOM Founder

Read all out about EMOM here:

Oct. 24th: Cobalt Studios, Newcastle

If ever there was a place that makes a band feel at home - this is it.. possibly the kindest venue ever? thanks a million. Not only that but the venue is a lil haven of neon lights, disco balls and mirrors so u can get lost in the decor.

We had the privilege of playing alongside Freese Trio who are 3 almighty musicians - think jazz hop/trip hop - a blend of Massive Attack, Radiohead and Portishead, so basically RIGHT up our street.

Cobalt Studios, Newcastle

Oct. 25th: The trip to South Shields

Last week we went to play at a night in South Shields, at a place called Ziggy's which had the spookiest interior I've ever laid my eyes on - they go hardcore with halloween at Ziggy's & it looks unreal. Cheers Sam Wright for inviting us. PLUS it was 2 for 1 on Apple Sourz that night so we had the kids flocking in to watch us, bonus.

On a side note, Anna has ditched the booze now for over 2 years - more on that another time if you want a post about soul-searching & self-love (yeah, i could ramble on for hours about that)

Back to Ziggy's, our alien extravaganza 'Barley Fields' went down a treat - you need to come watch us live to hear this song cos it's not out anywhere atm. Just to let you know, we have big plans regarding the dancier side of things and are working away on all sorts, ready for 2020 & beyond.


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