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Announcement: Moodbay Release Latest Single 'Alone'

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Yo, sorry for the spammy titles for these posts - it's a way of getting found in the google search engines. Anyway, we were buzzing to release Alone a week ago today. We wrote this song a while back now and we explain what inspired it in some write-ups you can read below. We even had a couple reviews in French and Dutch (pretty fancy). So yeah, this song is about isolation & solitude and all of that sad sh*t. We're sorry it's so depressing and promise to write about more up-beat things in future. Hope you enjoy it - stream it everywhere but preferably Spotify cos we're trying to grow our stats there. THANKS (click the lil green 'follow button' above). xx

P R E S S . B I T S .

The amazing Narc Magazine premiered the track & David Saunders said this:

"This latest offering is most certainly a moody affair as it moves from the haunting melancholy of the verses to the more cinematic, and hope-filled chorus parts. It sounds super fresh and current with a real finesse that comes from its glossy production and demonstration of songcraft.." Read in full here.

Kyrie Morris is literally the most lovely journalist ever & has written this great review:

"Releasing the follow-up to their startling June release, ‘Listen Up’ was never going to be easy, but rest assured the duo have paved yet another unique landscape in their musical venture. New track, ‘Alone’ has a somewhat darker feel to it, laced with gritty lyricism and a dose of vulnerability." Read in full here.

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