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January Roundup: nocturnal, neon & northern (by electropop duo Moodbay)

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

What's nocturnal, neon and northern?

Answer: Moodbay

The truth is that one half of us is northern and the other is nocturnal. And both of us are neon - as in the photo above, which was shot by the amazing Eddy Maynard.

After the lull of Xmas/New Year, it felt nice to get back on it. First week in to January, we got working with two amazing local photographers - Brian Nicholson (a.k.a bri.focals) and Maynard who we mention above. Here's a taste of what they did with us...

Getting some candid shots with Brian (less neon):

Photo by Brian Nicholson

S H E 'S . N O R T H E R N

Anna is from Darlington. But Alfie (who was born in Wales) has been adopted by Darlingtonians and is now hustling in the North-Eastern countryside,

H E ' S . N O C T U R N A L

Alfie is like an owl. He spends all night, through into the early hours doing music production. Completely backwards body clock.


January 23rd: Electronic Music Open Mic Night, Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Another EMOM event held at another brilliant venue. We ended up playing last-on at this open mic so had hours of watching loads of amazingly diverse acts. There was everything from acts creating music with coding and algorithms, to the most rhythmic drummer ever using samples, and a ton of stunning visuals projected on to the wall. We ended up too tired to drive back so we stayed out in an apartment we got on the cheap last minute. It had stunning views of Newcastle - we'd never seen the city like that before - overlooking the Sage and the river Tyne from super high up with our own balcony.

January 31st: On Point Music Conference, The Georgian, Stockton-on-Tees

This was an amazing day of music networking & talks organised by Tees Music Alliance, as part of Independent Venue Week. The North-East music scene is getting seriously ambitious. This part of the UK hasn't always had the most resources in terms of funding for the arts, so it's incredible that these events exist.

The demand is there too - so many great artists and industry pros who show up and share their thoughts with everyone. Shout out to the hostess with the mostess David T Saunders.

The North-East is a great place for music right now. Watch this space. 👀

If you missed it:


All in all, this has been a great month for meeting new people in the local music scene. There are so many talented artists, musicians & promoters round here!

We look forward to organising some gigs this year with other North-East based electronic acts... hit us up if you wanna get involved.

Let's make something happen together.

In other news... we're nearing 10k followers on Spotify! Please help us along by following us HERE.


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