Feb/March Roundup: keeping some optimism in the face of a pandemic (by Moodbay)

Updated: Feb 21

We had thought 2020 was gonna be THE year, maybe it was just the irresistible symmetricity of 20-20, we don't know. But we were feeling pretty damn positive. HOWEVER, this pandemic has broken and now the world is in turmoil. We won't go on about it here, because it is depressingly serious. Or let's just say, it's eye-opening that things can change so suddenly. This seems like a lesson to all of us. We need to be more present than ever.

For those who are on their own, our hearts go out to you above all. Most of us are lucky enough to have friends or family, so for those who don't - reach out to whoever you can. We're all thinking about you. Let's also distance ourselves from the vulnerable - so important.

On a more positive note, we're lucky to have a wonderful place to social distance - out in the countryside with our studio, we've got everything we need here. February was a bit quiet because we had thought we were preparing for some live shows this month, so we just spent the time rehearsing.

March - a time for gratitude

Things haven't even changed that much for Alfie because he never socialises anyway and spends all hours locked up producing! Despite the gig cancellations, we're just trying to make the most of the time we have at home - we're going to use the time as best we can to write lots more material, which after all, is what we love doing most.

To all the musicians, artists, venue owners, gig promoters and creative freelancers - let's hope that once this pandemic is over more people than ever will want to come and see live music! In the meantime, we'll be practicing, ready for when that time comes.

All the best,

Anna and Alfie x

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