April/May Roundup: mission social distance + a lil message

Updated: Feb 21

Hey, Anna and Alfie here.

We may have been a little silent on our socials, but we've been very much occupied as usual with all things creative behind the scenes. New music is pending.

Music is quite literally everything to us and so having even more time to write, record and rehearse is just a wonderful blessing. Having said that, this time is terrible in so many ways and we are NOT sidelining that..

We send love and strength to everybody at a time of uprising. This world is up in flames at the moment. Not only is there a pandemic, but there is now another long overdue revolution happening. This is a time of change and a call to adapt. Let's all adapt to become better versions of ourselves. Hopefully our 'new normal' will be a society that is more open-minded full stop.

As a band we just want to make clear that we stand for love and peace not war, every time. Compassion is always the way forward. Look out for your elders, the vulnerable, the ill, the lonely and those who are trying desperately to have their voices finally heard.

Peace, A & A xx

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