Ancdote: The First Song I Wrote (by Anna of Moodbay)

Updated: Feb 21

Anna talks about the first song she wrote :)

The first song I wrote was when I was 13 and I was in my room, probably thinking I was Britney Spears, with my hairbrush in hand. I got lost in the moment and started thinking up a song about feeling trapped in a relationship (not that I had any relevant experience at that point!)

The lyrics went 'Fly away, Fly away I wish that I could fly away, die away or cry away, do whatever, just fly away'. I had all the melodies in my head, it was going to have an uplifting, pop feel to it. It was edgy and sassy.

I was so proud of this song, but embarrassed if anyone would find it so I hid the scrap of paper I'd written the lyrics on somewhere, but obviously not very well because my dad found it. He asked me what it was and I had to confess that I'd written it as a song idea. He actually said something encouraging though and I'm glad he did otherwise I might not have dared to write again!

I've always found that for me, words are what I connect with the most, and anything I write now at the piano has to begin with an idea, a theme. Sometimes I only write lyrics and then match the chords to that - I think that's come from living away or abroad without a keyboard and resorting to just writing words and melodies and recording them on voice-notes on my phone.

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