An Ode to The North-East by Anna

Updated: Feb 21

Moodbay are based in the North-East, and turns out there's a hell of a lot of people on our wavelength round here. I'm originally from this part of the world - Darlington to be precise. But thing is, I never knew I'd end up doing music for one or that I'd end up back here! I've been doing all sorts, all over the place up until now - in Paris, Italy, Oxford and then Manchester. Now, I'm back home and doing what I love, which is making music and performing. And I've brought Alfie along with me.

We were both writing here in our studio for a couple years before actually getting out and gigging (as I've written about in other posts). And it was quite a shock realising that literally on our doorstep, we've got brilliant venues and a TON of bands, photographers, filmmakers, promoters etc. We're feeling particularly optimistic about being a North-East based band right now. So many people here on our wavelength, who all put music before anything else.

Everytime we're driving from Darlington through to Newcastle-upon-Tyne for a gig, photoshoot or to meet someone, we pass this beauty. Love it - it's the ultimate symbol of the North-East. Completed in 1998, it is a steel sculpture of an angel, 20 metres tall, with wings measuring 54 metres across.

Other angels of the north we've met so far...

Twist Helix, Talk Like Tigers, Sapien Trace, AXLS, Worry Party & Kv$hnoodle. These are all bands with an electronic and/or synth vibe too - we've got respect for you guys. We'll be gigging with some of you this year, hopefully all of you!


L O V E . T O . T H E . N O R T H - E A S T



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