5things: Five Artists That Inspire Anna

Updated: Feb 21

Anna's inspirations include the following five:


I fell in love with this band when we had Demon Days playing during the 20 minute school runs in the car with my Mum. It's mellow, sexy, political, feel-good. So varied and it all fits together beautifully from start to finish. Personal fave tracks are 'Kids With Guns' and 'Dirty Harry'.

The whole concept behind the band is just so damn clever. I adore Daman Albarn's voice and the illustrations by Jamie Hewlett.

I've never seen them live - must do this soon!

Massive Attack

I was lucky to see Massive Attack live a few years back at an open-air concert in Florence, Italy. I've always loved their hypnotising trip-hop - they're just experts at what they do.

I admire their work ethic and they're a fantastic live band who like Gorillaz, collaborate with other incredible musicians and vocalists.

I used to listen to 'Paradise Circle' on the bus in Manchester when I was going to and from music school. I love the understated vocals on this track and the minimal electronic accompaniment. It's so powerful in it's carefully considered simplicity.

My favourite ever song is 'Unfinished Sympathy', with stunning string and piano arrangement - it's pretty iconic in my opinion, even if it was released before I was born!


I only discovered this band about 5 years ago and as the saying goes, they changed my life! I just couldn't believe what I had stumbled across! I am in love with lead singer Beth Gibbons - the way she is just so HER - unapologetically does her own thing, the crouching over the mic dressed head to toe in black, so damn sexy.

I think I need to get myself to Bristol (I've never been!) - like Massive Attack, this is another band from this city who have trip-hop influences, who emerged in the 90s.

Favourite track:

Arcade Fire