5things: Five Artists That Inspire Alfie

Updated: Feb 21

5 artists that inspire Moodbay producer-songwriter Alfie Cattell...


In Rainbows for me is my favourite Radiohead album'In Rainbows’ has to be our favourite Radiohead album. It fuses together so many elements -amazing songwriting and instrumentation, both electronic and classical composition, incredible Johnny Greenwood textures and sound design, as well as killer groove I could never do myself. Radiohead are emotional with their music whilst also paying attention to detail.

The Beatles

The Beatles were the first band to truly inspire me. I used to listen to them with my two brothers - who are both guitarists and songwriters. When I was 14 I taught myself the piano which also inspired me to make my own compositions. I think listening to The Beatles made me want to do this.

There are far too many incredible songs to say which is my favourite, but the core reason why they are so important is very much their melody. I think that one of the greatest melodies is Yesterday - a timeless melody that will be remembered for centuries. Its no surprise, that he composed this in a dream and when you look at the song closely, you can't..... It's the sort of thing you could only ever come up with in a dream state, away from the confines of your conscious mind. There are many more songs that I absolutely love.

The Weeknd

I like how The Weeknd brings in analogue modular synths into a pop context, and the hip-hop influences, and the hook and melodic sensibilities, the high quality vocal production, the heavy raw analogue sub bass lines, and the dirty drum sounds that are used, all within a pop context with great songwriting.


Analogue synths, dirty drum sounds, heavy sub basslines and great songwriting and melody make for a killer trio. As an act, we have been pretty inspired by this band over the years. Anna admires Lauren's killer female presence on stage too.

Billie Eilish

The unpredictability, the inventive production values, the interesting generated sounds and samples. I like how the structures are unique and surprising, how again - dirty subby basses are in there, with interesting stereo spatial sounds, lots of movement and effects, There's lots of found sounds - how Finneas uses a match for example, instead of a snare is very inspiring. The raw talent of this band, in a somewhat pop context, coming from a folk background. The fact that they were in a choir too and utilise their amazing instincts for creating harmonies, is something that I admire.

My influences go far beyond these, but here are a few. Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada too, have greatly influenced and inspired me.