MOODBAY are producer-songwriter Alfie Cattell and vocalist-songwriter Anna Stephens. They are based in the North East, UK. Their unusual shade of electropop incorporates a range of genres from R&B to Classical - the duo describe their sound as ‘moodpop’. They got together in 2017, after meeting in the corridor of BIMM music school in Manchester.

Before Manchester, Anna moved from her home in Darlington to Paris, where she worked at a magazine house. She spent most of her time scribbling down poetry at her office desk and staying out late. While completing her French studies in Oxford, she started to put her words to piano.

Alfie also started out on piano, and it remains his favourite instrument. He is a self-taught musician, who grew up in North Wales, recreating Zelda tunes on a dusty Yamaha keyboard, in between blue WKD’s and listening to Radiohead. He has honed his studio skills in Moodbay and now produces the edgy sounds that drive Anna’s vocals along.


Sounds like: Chvrches, Purity Ring


Influences: Radiohead, Gorillaz, David Bowie, Little Dragon, The Weeknd,  Portishead, Massive Attack, Christine and the Queens, Lorde, James Blake





Live review

by Spotlight UK


Delicate-but-powerful vocals from Anna Stephens with melodic beats and keys provided by Alfie Cattell had our undivided attention, making this the bands’ specialty and it worked a treat. Blending harmonious vocals with dance floor vibrations, the dynamic duo’s great on-stage chemistry was a joy to behold, while their set, including a song about alien abduction, positively glowed with uplifting ambient vibes, rightfully so.

Live review

by Gigs North East


Anna Stephens’ sweet vocals provided the story to complement impressive production from herself and second half of the duo, Alfie. I have to admit that electro-pop isn’t the usual genre that I go for but the tracks that these two created were super catchy as each loop ricocheted from the impossibly low ceiling of Think Tank and the arrangement of synths created expansive soundscapes...


by Narc Online


This latest offering is most certainly a moody affair as it moves from the haunting melancholy of the verses to the more cinematic, and hope-filled chorus parts. It sounds super fresh and current with a real finesse that comes from its glossy production and demonstration of songcraft...

Listen Up

by The Crossfire


Saturated with a variety of different genres from R&B to electro-pop, ‘Listen Up‘ is full of electro-infused attitude, while still keeping a relatively chill vibe. Lyrics and sound dramatically contrast with one another, Anna’s vocals being beautifully gentle and welcoming while her lyrics point fingers and are full of anger. Alfie’s production is impressively powerful, with the dance remix only highlighting its brilliance even more...

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